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Has been developed to provide homeowners with information relating to residential paint failures, the results of those paint failures, and to provide recommendations crucial for a longer lasting and durable paint life. Many realize that a home is a big investment and they want to make every attempt to protect that investment. Whether you do the work yourself or you are looking for a contractor to do the work for you, this guide can assist anyone in making better decisions in relation to home maintenance, and help achieve professional results when considering interior and exterior painting and staining, and decorating. The more common and familiar problems are presented in this guide, along with recommendations for their long-term prevention and a longer lasting paint life. In addition, there is information on the properties of caulk, paints and stains, maintenance, colour selection and more

The information provided in The Homeowners Guide is not a guarantee for the prevention of paint failures or home maintenance. However, if the information is used properly, it can help anyone in achieving a longer lasting paint life on any paint project, which can lead to lower long-term home maintenance costs. Every attempt has been made to provide the most accurate information available. The Homeowners Guide will be periodically updated as more information becomes available through job experience, trade organizations, trade publications, paint manufactures, and special requests.

A good overview of what you should know and do when planning a paint project.

Paint Failures
This section contains information on the most common paint failures and recommendations that will assist in their long-term prevention. The paint failures listed in this section include Alligatoring, Bleeding, Blistering, Chalking, Checking and Cracking, Efflorescence, Fading, Hatbanding, Lap Marks, Mildew, Peeling, Rusting, Sagging and Running, and Wrinkling.

Surface Preparation
This section is a brief companion piece to the Surfaces section . It contains important information on pressure washing and the mixing of cleaning solutions.

This section contains information on a variety of surfaces, including surface preparation and recommended coatings. Surfaces discussed here include Drywall (Sheetrock), Hardboard Siding, Masonry, Metals, Natural Wood Siding and Decks, New Wood, Vinyl Siding, Wallpaper and Paneling.

General information and recommendations on caulk.

Primers and Paints
This section contains information on the properties of top quality coatings, including Acrylic Latex Primers and Finish Paints, Vinyl Acrylic Latex Finish Paints, Alkyd Primers and Finish Paints, and Paint Sheen.

This section contains brief descriptions on stains and preservatives, including water repelling stains and preservatives, semitransparent and solid colour stains, bleaching and weathering stains, and interior stains.

A short reminder for homeowners who believe in the misconception of "maintenance free."

This section briefly explains different colours and includes some helpful tips on selecting colours and paints.

Painting Pointers
This sections contains information on Estimating, Paint Testing, Textured Ceilings, and Tools.

A list of resources professional painters use for up-to-date industry news and information.