Our Unique Process...
Our goal is to provide Ontario residents with the highest quality home care available. While we are working on your home, your premises will be kept clean during all phases of preparation and painting. Here are the steps followed for both interior and exterior painting:
1 Pressure Washing
Removes dirt and mildew from exterior services and decks.
2 Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is essential. Scrape and clean loose paint and spot prime all exposed surfaces, caulk all cracks, and rust proof where applicable. Carpentry repairs are also provided. Interior preparation includes sheet-rock repair and textured ceilings.
3 Painting
We recommend that two coats of paint be applied because it provides better durability and coverage that you just don't get from a one coat system. This holds true for any paint project. Exterior surfaces should be primed in a top quality breathable alkyd (oil) base primer when warranted, then finished with a top quality finish coat. The same holds true on any new wood surfaces, including interior surfaces. Two coats of interior finish paint can be applied to pre-painted interior surfaces. Many of today's interior paints are made to act as a primer and finish paint. However, when using interior paints with a sheen of satin or higher, a top quality primer may be needed to hide surface imperfections that sheened paints may expose, such as repairs.
4 Staining
Top quality stains for all interior and exterior surfaces where applicable. One coat is usually the norm except for extreme cases.
5 Faux Finishes
A variety of specialty finishes including colour washing, leathering, ragging, and sponging.